Be it at home, in the Office, hotel, restaurant or an industrial facility – for the floor to stay beautiful and serve you for years, it requires professional installation and maintenance. For this purpose, you require products for surface priming, high quality adhesives for mosaic installation, panels or wooden boards, and hardwood maintenance oils, liquids for cleaning, waxing, and protection against dirt.

We offer proven solutions from German manufacturers – Loba and Wakol, which are recognised all over the world, by individuals and professionals customers. Each of the chemical product is adapted to different surfaces, and has a slightly different application. For instance, WaxCleaner is perfect for oiled floors; it gives them a glossy appearance. Is also ideal for rooms where frequented by children, where you have plenty of movement, because it creates a non-slip coating. Persons renovating a home and laying new floors will appreciate the Wakol levelling and putty compounds. However, for finishing and renovation works you will find the crack filler useful, which penetrates the hollows left by nails and the intervals between the grout joints.

After the wall has been smoothed, and the floors permanently fixed to the ground, it is then time for the final effect – the elegantly looking boards or the ravishingly good-looking mosaics. To maintain this effect for a long time, the following may prove invaluable: varnishes, oils, waxes, as well as cleaning and wood care products. After all, good presentation is essential.