A wooden cottage in a tranquil location, modern apartment with a wooden finish on the façade or the intriguing combination of wood and stone in the centre of the city. The external walls of a building are its showpiece, representative element, which attracts the eye – therefore, it should be neat and original.

Wooden façades perfectly fulfil this role. They are elegant, form part of a fashionable combination of modern and traditional methods of construction, and what’s more – it is one of the ecological solutions on the market of finishing strips. Our products also include high-quality exotic wood, such as Meranti, Canadian Cedar and Red or Thermo Ash. From toned down, light brown, to a deep Maroon colour – such boards look good independently, but also fits perfectly with stone, glass, concrete, and even metal.

Wooden façades from our collection require care and maintenance to preserve their appearance. Preservatives and varnishes play a proven role here because they add durability to wood by enhancing its colour and highlighting its characteristic structure, or wood stains, which are extremely important in protecting against weather, moisture and UV rays.

Despite these limitations wooden facades bring with them homeliness, cosiness and a friendly atmosphere. They may constitute a decoration of the entire wall surface or only parts thereof, such as the attic or space around the shutters. Architects are also increasingly recommending unconventional, vertical bars with wooden boards on a stone building – it is all a question of the idea and preferences.