The Company’s History

“Dębowy Młyn” is more than twenty-five years of experience. Over the years its operation, our family company has been offering customers high quality flooring services. Currently, we can serve you comprehensively, offering wood for floors, terraces and facades, as well as high quality chemicals and services. We can share our knowledge and experience with you, providing advisory services at the decision taking stage on which floor to choose, so as to make good and informed decisions.

Our store

The name of our store “Dębowy Młyn” should be associated primarily with the Polish history and tradition. It is also a pun, where “Młyn” (mill) means Vertigo and refers to the wealth of possibilities that our store offers to customers. On opening the sales store “Dębowy Młyn”, we invited only suppliers, which during the several years of cooperation have proven that products offered are of the highest quality, because quality has always been our top most priority.

Łukasz Adamczak

I founded this business, dedicated to the implementation of flooring services in 2005. In my several years of practice, I have encountered all kinds of hardwood floor, both in terms of the wood type and its finishing. Thanks to the relevant experience acquired, I can undertake even the most complicated projects. The motto of my work is the conviction that wood floors should be created with passion, for only then are they in fact beautiful.

Leszek Adamczak

My professional career has always been associated with wood, which I clearly consider the most rewarding material to machine. Although I started the flooring business in 1990, it was preceded by several years of apprenticeship in carpentry. Thanks to the apprenticeship I can now meet the most demanding and diverse tasks posed by investors, wishing to have more than just a wooden floor in their homes.