When the first rays of the spring Sun appear in the garden or on the balcony, you just feel like relaxing in a secluded place, spend time with friends outdoors or simply read a favourite book.

The terrace is in fact one of the most important space in the home, that should be friendly, comfortable, and characterized by durable materials, because it a place particularly exposed to the influence of atmospheric conditions. To make this possible, we offer you several possibilities for your dream terrace including all installation elements such as boards, joists, mounting screws or LED lights to highlight its beauty.

Enthusiasts of traditional solutions will definitely love the classic wooden boards. With the right care, they are durable, as well as elegant and natural. Light brown, juicy cherry, deep red, warm gold or soft ash? The choice depends on only the preferences and expectations of the customers, because our wood is derived from unique, exotic species that are characterized by hardness and high resistance to the effects of weather and mechanical conditions.

Novelty and alternatives are composite terraces, a combination of wood-meal and PVC (or polyethylene). Thanks to combination, they become malleable plastic from which durable boards of uniform colours are made, free of knots, cracks and rough textures. They are characterized by ease of installation and uniform appearance. They are durable and resistant to mould, fungi and rot.

Regardless of your choice of terrace floor, you will enjoy a personal and peaceful space.