Chapel Basilica

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  • Take modem interior back in time — or return an old interior to its former glory. That’s the power of Basilica. Wiithout bevelled edges, the almost seamless V-joints that are feature of Basilica produce a floor that looks as if it has been made from a single piece of wood. Remarkable. Memorable. Classical. Beautiful.
  • This collection is available in 33 colours and is aged to give each Basilica floor an even older appearance. Our unique patented distressing process creates a random and natural aged look, oozing craftsmanship. At your request Basilica is available unaged. And if none oif the 10 standard panels match what you have in mind, we can help you design and create your own unique patnels in the available colours.
  • Available type of floors are: Basilica Castle — solid oak plaks without micro-bevelled edges; Basilica In-Between — engineered oak floor planks without micro-bevelled edges; and Basilica Cassettes – solid or In-Between oak cassette floors without micro-bevelled edges.